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If you have no prior experience with daytrading, then we recommend you to start out by reading “startguide to daytrading” – a series of articles for the new daytrader.

After that, we recommend you to read our introduction to technical indicators which gives a good overview of the different indicators. We have also written separate articles about ADX, RSI, MACD, Parabolic SAR, Stochastics and many more.

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We have gathered various articles about technical analysis and made an overview of articles about Candlesticks, chart types, indicators, chart patterns, trendlines and many more.

When you have build up a solid foundation of knowledge about technical analysis and feel ready to begin daytrading, you can then find an overview of brokers and visit our overview of reviews of brokers. We recommend everyone to start out with a free demo account.

You can then begin to test daytrading strategies on the platform. We have gathered articles about the popular 5-1 method developed by Hans-Henrik Nielsen from DaytraderLand, and articles about Top-Down-Analysis and a series of articles about harmonic patterns.

We share our thoughts every week on the markets and publish a weekly trading plan with potential setups for the coming week. You can find them in the menu under current analysis.

Every week we write a new series of articles about daytrading, including algorithmic trading, social trading, trading psychology, risk management and review software and books in relation to daytrading.

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We do courses in daytrading a couple of times a year in Denmark. You can read more about our daytrading course here.

You can also read our articles about famous danosh daytraders such as Tom Hougaard, who made 43 million kroners in just one day. Or read our intereview with Flemming Kozok Sørensen, who made over 33 million kroners while he was studying. Our own writer, Hans-Henrik Nielsen, who made a 134,7% return in 2015 with his acknowledged 5/1-method, has also given an interview on our site.

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