We have opened in Germany

Since January we have been working on expanding DaytraderLand.com to new markets and offering even more languages for our readers. We have been in close dialogue with many local writers and day trading enthusiasts to ensure we can provide the same high quality of content to our readers. To be completely open about the situation, it has been a challenging process, but today we are happy to inform you that the fifth language is now finally ready.

So besides Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and English – we can now offer our articles in German on the website URL www.DaytraderLand.com/de. As of now we have about 50 articles translated to German and every day more are being added. Within the coming months we expect to have more than 100 articles translated to German.

If you know anyone that would be interested in learning about day trading and technical analysis in German, then please share the website with them.

We have ambitious goals for 2018 and are looking for more writers for several languages

Our ambition for 2018 is to have a minimum of 2.000 articles online in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, German and minimum two languages more – preferably a few more. We are already in close contact with local partners and translators to make it happen.

If you know someone that would be interested in writing for us in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, German or another European language, then please contact us about it.

We would also love to hear from you, if you find any mistakes or typos on the new German website. It went quite fast and we might have missed something in the process.

Thanks in advance!


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