Introduction to daytrading

In this guide about daytrading we have gathered a list of articles that we recommend all potential daytraders to read before they get into trading with real money.

Here are the first short articles which is meant as an introduction to daytrading:

What is a daytrader?
What does it take to become a successful daytrader?
Necessary tools for a daytrader
Which daytrading market should I choose?
How much can you make daytrading?
How fast can you make a living by daytrading?
Daytrading – a possible income stream?

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Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen

Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen er en serie-iværksætter med interesse for mønsterkendelse, high-speed trading og exchange-traded funds (ETFs) og har startet flere end 20 virksomheder Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen skriver om bl.a. teknisk analyse, risikostyring og strategier på DaytraderLand.

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