We are looking for more writers

Dear reader,

DaytraderLand is looking for more writers who want to write articles or blog about topics related to daytrading and swingtrading.

It can be all from a review of a good book about investment, description of your strategy, or just reproducing a good or bad day in the market. You choose the subject yourself as long as it has some relevance to our readers.

We would like to help with proofreading, setup, etc.

Contact us if you have anything at heart.

Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen

Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen er en serie-iværksætter med interesse for mønsterkendelse, high-speed trading og exchange-traded funds (ETFs) og har startet flere end 20 virksomheder Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen skriver om bl.a. teknisk analyse, risikostyring og strategier på DaytraderLand.

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